Collection Pros


Address: 3487 Highway 67 North
P.O. Box 429
Walnut Ridge, Arkansas 72476
Phone: 870-886-4000
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Learn from people in the Buy Here Pay Here business not some third party trainer. Learn from our successes and failures. Share in the collection knowledge we have obtained in over 15 years in the business. Collection Pros is your comprehensive collection training for the Buy Here Pay Here Business

Collection Pros is your complete collection training system. We offer web based interactive collection training. You can train your complete collection staff without them ever leaving the office! You can even test your knowledge and get certified. Call 870-886-4000 for more details.

Collection Pros also has consulting services available for you. Whether it is for collection training or underwriting we can help. One of our knowledgeable consultants will be glad to assist you. Call 870-886-4000 for more details.

Collection Pros is your answer on how to train your collection staff. Don't put off training your staff. A well trained collection staff will bring in more money. Collection Pros makes it easy. Collection Pros will help you collect more money!!

Call Collection Pros at 870-886-4000 for more details!!