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Collection Pros is a web based training system for collections. It is designed for the BHPH business by people in the BHPH business. You get to learn from experts in the BHPH business on the best and most practical ways to collect your contracts. It is not designed by consultants that have never been in the BHPH business, but from people who are working in the BHPH business every day. We are selling cars, collecting contracts and talking to customers on a daily basis.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the BHPH collection business. We discuss everything from how to set up a collection department to how to overcome common objections. Yes we provide the most asked for training in the collection business, how to overcome objections when customers say they can't pay. There is training for every person in your collection department.

It provides fun and effective training in three easy steps. 1st read the material, 2nd watch a video and last but not least, take a test over what you've just learned. Simple, effective and fun too. Why simple, because you don't have to send your staff anywhere to do it. They can train a little each day when convenient for them from their computer. Effective, because you learn ways to promote teamwork, learn how to implement pay plans that work and learn skip tracing techniques. Fun, because you get to watch videos and talk to our friendly dancing dollar sign to motivate you. Once you've completed the whole course you get a certificate showing you are a CERTIFIED COLLECTION PROFESSIONAL.

So contact us and find out how you can start using this simple, effective and fun training solution for yourself. Call 870.886.4000 or email Frances Cavenaugh at